Many auto insurance companies force customers to take cars to insurance preferred body shops for repairs. By cutting corners & safety standards to save money, the driving public is at risk & the value of the customers’ cars are diminished. Repair shops performing proper repairs are having a hard time staying in business. In 1963, US Attorney General Robert Kennedy sued the ins. industry to prevent them from forcing body shops to cut corners at the risk to public safety. The 1963 Consent Decree was signed stopping the auto ins. industry from controlling body shop labor rates, the parts used to repair cars, and returning the independence of auto body shops back to themselves. We plead with this Administration to enforce the 1963 Consent Decree for the safety of the American driving public.


Protect your Safety



The purpose of Choice Autobody Repair Association (CARA) is to promote Consumers’ awareness of their individual rights when dealing with insurance companies and automotive repair shops; and to promote common business interest of individuals and corporations engaged in the auto-body repair industry as well as foster education of both private and industry members.

Ohio Body Shop News

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Stan Mitchell Enterprises and C.A.R.A to host Technology Workshop in Columbus, Ohio, Featuring NABR’s Variable Rate System and PMC Logic’s Paint and Materials Management System

COLUMBUS, OHIO, Saturday May 2, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Doubletree Inn, 175 Hutchinson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43235, 614-885-3334. Lunch will be provided.


First up Richard & Sam Valenzuela will present their VRS New Technology, Labor Rates, and Cost of Doing Business system. Visit http://www.nationalautobodyresearch.com/ for more information.


The workshop will also include a presentation from PMC Logic owner Rick Palmer on their high quality paint & material calculation software. Visit www.PMCLogic.com for more information


Along with these offerings we will hear from Michael R. Greene, Executive Director of our Ohio Collision Repair Board Visit http://www.mvrboard.ohio.gov/ for more information

To close we will hear from Rick Finney representing CARA. Visit http://www.c-a-r-a.org/ for more information.


Shop owners, managers and your engaged technicians only RSVP & Pre-register online at http://www.nationalautobodyresearch.com/rsvp-for-vrs-workshops.html and select the Columbus, OH option. Or you can contact Rick Finney at 740-391-7005.

Michigan Body Shop News

I would like to thank everyone for attending the South West Michigan CARA Meeting last Saturday in Battle Creek Michigan.
We had some fantastic speakers who did an excellent job.
My collision repair facility uses PMC Logic and insurance companies pay from the PMC Logic Invoice.
Shop owners need to take advantage of the offer that Rick Palmer made at our meeting, It will save you money up from by becoming a PMC Logic customer and it will make you money buy using it on every claim. As Rick Palmer stated in his presentation it really does take about two minutes to create an invoice for your paint and MATERIALS!We as an association need to take the first step together and work smarter and take advantage of the resources that we have right in front of us. We can make positive changes to our businesses as well as our industry as long as we
( DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON ) as Rick said. Please email me and let me know who all has signed up to start using PMC Logic. I will help you in any way that I can.Even if you were not at the CARA meeting on Saturday to hear Rick Palmers presentation , I strongly encourage you to start itemizing your paint and materials by using the PMC Logic program.We need to show support for the people and companies who support CARA it’s the right thing to do.Thanks
RickRick Finney
President : Choice Autobody Repair Association
Box 392 Cadiz Ohio 43907Cell # 740-391-7005